Rental software: equipment rental digitalized according to your ideas

Whether for the construction industry, agricultural machinery trade or car and camper accessories: remoso rent equipment offers you and your customers an efficient and transparent rental solution, from containers to construction cranes

Construction machinery, agricultural machinery, containers, various equipment and movables – renting out equipment, e.g. in the construction industry, agricultural machinery trade and logistics, is a lucrative business, but it can quickly become confusing. The same applies to additional equipment for cars and motorhomes: transport boxes, child seats, camping accessories – the list is almost endless. Managing and booking equipment requires a great deal of time and money. There is a solution for this: remoso rent equipment! Our state-of-the-art rental software bundles all processes into a single software package. Whether maintenance, damage management or the rental and billing process: With remoso rent equipment you have the complete organization of your equipment rental in one place. The rental software digitalizes your business completely according to your individual needs and wishes – you book exactly the modules that your company really needs.

Equipment rental – what does it mean?

In the commercial sector, equipment rental means that a company rents equipment to companies (B2B) or private individuals (B2C) for a rental fee. In the construction industry, this service relates to construction machinery, vehicles, cranes or containers, among other things, as well as their extensive accessories from attachments to buckets or grabs.

The business model is advantageous for both sides: The rental company provides functioning equipment and makes a profit from the rental, while renters do not have to buy expensive equipment for short-term use. There is also equipment rental for the private sector in the mobility industry: car equipment such as child seats or bicycle trailers can be rented separately, and there is a large number of bookable accessories for motorhomes and camper vans.

To ensure that the rental process can be carried out optimally, service providers today need rental software for organization and digital process assurance. With remoso rent equipment, you get exactly the functions your company needs.

Who needs rental software for construction machinery and cranes in the construction industry? Does it also make sense for car rental companies?

Regardless of the size of the company, a tool is needed that bundles and automates work areas such as maintenance and the rental process including billing and damage management. This also applies to car rental companies that offer equipment rental for cars and camper vans. remoso rent equipment, the rental software from remoso, maps all steps in just one software package, thereby significantly reducing costs and effort – for short-term rental, long-term rental and subscription models.

Rental software: Why remoso rent equipment?

  • Full flexibility: If there are countless types of equipment rental, there must also be countless types of software – right? Not if you rely on software that adapts to your company and its needs thanks to individually bookable modules. From remoso, you get what you really need – and that’s what you pay for.
  • Industry knowledge and experience: As a software manufacturer, how can remoso possibly know the needs of your company? Because we have decades of experience in the mobility sector. We are familiar with the constant changes and individual challenges faced by companies. That s why we can offer you software that really makes your day-to-day work easier.
  • Optimal time and money savings: Save up to 30 percent in administration – sounds incredible, doesn’t it? But with remoso rent equipment, this is exactly what is possible. And we know this for a fact – we have calculated it for you.
  • Cloud-based and modular design
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