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Exactly the car-sharing software you need: With remoso share, you can book the modules you need for your car sharing – including app

Conserve resources, do something for the environment and save a lot of money at the same time: Car sharing is without question a model of the future. The fleets of car-sharing companies are therefore continuing to grow – good for business, but an increasing challenge in terms of administration and transparency. This is where remoso Mobility Manager comes into play: a car-sharing software with which you can manage your fleet fully automatically down to the last detail. Whether invoices, vehicle locations, vehicle status or employee task management – with remoso share you can manage all processes with one software. And with exactly the functions you want in your car-sharing software. Because only you decide which modules you want to book – for your precise custom solution.

What is car sharing?

Car sharing literally means first and foremost sharing a car with someone. The basic idea of several people using one vehicle is the basis for car-sharing companies. They provide a fleet of vehicles which are booked by changing customers for shorter periods or routes. Car sharing allows people to stay mobile without having to bear the high costs of owning their own vehicle. It also saves resources, is environmentally friendly and reduces traffic congestion.

The negative side of car sharing is that it requires a great deal of logistical effort on the part of companies. Where are all the vehicles at the moment? Where are the parking spaces? How does customer contact work? How is billing carried out? A reliable and comprehensive organization is required for all these issues. It must also be completely digitalized and automated – and this is exactly what you get with remoso’s flexible car sharing software – remoso share!

Here’s how you benefit from remoso share:

  • The individual software for exactly your company: There is a basic system, but also a large number of flexible modules that can be added. This allows you to decide which functions your car sharing software should have – and that’s exactly what you pay for.
  • Unbeatable experience: We have been experts in mobility software for decades. We also know the car sharing industry inside out and know which software functions can help your company. Despite all our experience, we remain innovative and are delighted to be regularly recognized as a top German innovator.
  • Save time – and money! With remoso share you can save up to 30% of your administrative costs in the mobility sector.
  • We have international experience and sophisticated systems

Simply book what you need

Every car sharing company has individual needs and therefore special requirements for car sharing software – and that’s why with remoso share you can book exactly the software functions that meet your business needs. With the Advanced or Enterprise version, you get a basic framework on which you can build and flexibly add modules. Invoices, customer management, vehicle locations and much more: all this can be part of your individual car sharing software – you choose!

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